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Wild Stone CODE – The Secret CODE to All Day Freshness

Now that you are here to read the rest of my post let me take you in on a secret – your smell is a deal breaker for quite a few situations in life, and it’s important to smell fresh all day long. 

Don’t worry because if smelling awesome is on your checklist, I have got you a solution! The search for a long lasting body perfume for men stops now with the launch of a new brand from the house of McEnroe – Wild Stone CODE, which has a range of fragrances and grooming products for men. 

Wild Stone is a range of perfumes that don’t have gas and are carefully crafted for men who love style with a hint of passion. There are 7 variants in this range, and you can further research those on their new online store. The 7 variants are – 

Wild Stone CODE Steel Body Perfume – This CODE body perfume builds a serene, fragrant aura around you with its breezy marine notes and a boost of mandarin zest. It also helps you to stay calm and balanced all day, all thanks to Bergamot and its soothing notes. The fragrance makes for a stunning office wear addition to your wardrobe. 

Wild Stone CODE Iridium Body Perfume – With its aromatic notes of bergamot, patchouli and vetiver, Iridium exudes power and elegance, making it a favourite office wear perfume for me personally!

Wild Stone CODE Copper Body Perfume – Looking for a fresh fragrance which has a hint of sensuality? Well, Code Copper is just the right match for you! It has a blend of warm balsam and amber notes along with the citrus notes of lemon and pineapple with woody hints of armoise. 

Wild Stone CODE Chrome Body Perfume – The aqueous notes of chrome, infused with zesty citrus and greens, inspires you to always go with the flow. It is a distinctly masculine and irresistibly a romantic fragrance – a date night essential if you are keen on bagging a second date!  

Wild Stone CODE Gold Body Perfume – Have you ever thought of a blend with lavender, apple and geranium? Well, presenting from the House of McEnroe, Wild Stone CODE body perfume. Along with the blend mentioned above, it has a woody base leaves a signature of you and makes you stand out in the crowd.

Wild Stone Platinum Body Perfume – If you like strong fragrances, then Platinum and you are a match made in heaven. Its robust fragrance separates men from boys with its eclectic blend of apple notes, Muguet and cedar wood. Perfect for wintertime.

Wild Stone Titanium – This young perfume with fruity top notes blended with marine notes makes you the winner in every aspect. It is a playfully fresh fragrance topped with masculine notes of citrus, dry amber and musk that resonates with codes of dynamism and energy. 

Moreover, other Wild Stone CODE grooming products can also be found in their online store, e.g. beard wash, beard oil, hair wax etc. 

What are you waiting for? Please go check it out! 

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