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Top Six Sigma Concepts for Beginners

Six sigma concepts have taken the most crucial role in emerging market growth. This valuable concept has been used by the American company Motorola for the very first time in its manufacturing unit. Apart from that, the concept of six sigma has been adopted by different sectors like telecommunications, healthcare, education, military, service sectors, and finance with which these sectors have earned major market growth.

Major objectives of the Six Sigma concept

When it comes to the analysis of the six sigma concept, this methodology has different objectives and benefits that are given below;

Nowadays, this methodology has been used by many new and existing entrepreneurs, whose main objective is to make continuous improvements in the business.

The idea of six sigma is concentrated on acquiring the market goals and objectives set by the organization.

It is one of the data-driven approaches that is used in the form of statistical methodology for the diminishing of defects.

Major Six Sigma concepts

Six Sigma management strategy is completely based on some major concepts and principles that continuously focus on customer satisfaction in order to bring improvement in the business. Here are some basic concepts of six sigma are given below;

1. Focus on the Customer

Focusing on customer satisfaction is one of the most important concepts of the six sigma principle. A beginner must have to understand the importance of customers and must have to give priority to customer satisfaction by meeting customer demand. The concept of six sigma helps an entrepreneur to know the way in which the customer can be benefited, therefore helping in business growth.

With this concept of six sigma, the beginner can be able to learn the business needs and goals by understanding the customer needs and market demand. With this concept, one can easily drive sales volume. This concept also helps in establishing the business standard in the market in terms of quality and service.

2. Measure the Value Stream and Find Your Problem

Knowing business errors is the most important thing to improve business growth. But most of the new entrepreneurs don’t seem able to find out the errors easily. Therefore, the concept of finding a problem in the six sigma methodology will help the entrepreneur to know the business errors so that one can rectify the error and improve the business.

With the concept of finding problems, the entrepreneur will gain knowledge about how to gather information, determination of sales volume according to the area of operation, know the various perspective of a business slowdown, and how to resolve all the problems.

3. Get Rid of the Junk

As the concept of finding a problem in six sigma helps to find business errors, likewise the concept of getting rid of the trash helps to wipe out all the business-related issues and errors coming in the way of improvement. With this concept, one can learn more about how to analyze the problem properly and how to eliminate the problems after it gets identified. With this concept, the entrepreneur can make some changes in the business module to enhance business growth.

4. Keep the Ball Rolling

As the process of six sigma comprises various management tools and techniques, the concept of Keep the Ball Rolling gives the proper idea about team management. Thus, the team of efficient employees can work on the basis of methodology and principle in order to achieve the business goal and can be able to set the market standard. Involve all stakeholders. The high adoption of the structural process enhances the collaboration and contribution of all the individuals present in the team.

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5. Ensure a Flexible and Responsive Ecosystem

The Six Sigma methodology also believes in business modification, transformation, and changes. If any kind of business error has been identified, then the concept of business transformation helps to detect the problem and eliminate them. Therefore it is the most flexible method among all the concepts.


According to business studies, the Six Sigma principle is very effective in achieving market demand and business goals. It has been proved that this concept is an efficient and appropriate method of matching the market strategy and demand. Six Sigma is not only a simple organizational structure, but it is also a management tool that comprises many tools and various techniques for bringing some revolutionary changes in the business by reducing all possible business errors.

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